Sunday, January 24, 2010

Keloids After Motorbike Accident

Due to my motorbike accident here in Bali I have ended up with hypertrophic and Keloid scars. I am not really sure quite why I gained them, Keloid’s ordinarily run in my family but are typically seen in people with darker skin. It could be for many different reasons, perhaps dirt was left in my wound or maybe an infection occurred as the skin was growing over or It could be simply because I received an infection as the skin was growing over or just because the cut was so deep.

I am having a course of cortisone steroid injections to try to flatten them and to lower my redness, but I haven’t seen any improvement as yet. In Bali it costs 500,000 Rupiah each time I have my scars injected by my doctor and it costs 100,000 Rupiah per vial of cortisone. It feels like over 20 bee stings under my skin and at times my skin bursts leaving blood blisters, not a pretty site and to think I need this done monthly for 6 months ouch!

My knee after 3 injections

Anyhow I am hoping if I get back to the UK I can get them removed and sorted out and have them shopping slightly less unsightly! In the event that everyone knows of any tricks or things I can do to help them appear improved I am open to comments here! I am thinking of visiting a traditional medicinal healer in Bali, then I’ll store you posted on how that goes! I’ve heard of my onion extract cream Mederma, but don’t know if a cream can really generate any difference…

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